Webinar: Results & Policy Recommendations of the GJETC Phase II 2018-2020 in the light of Covid-19

On Thursday, 2nd July 2020 the GJETC presented the final results of the 2nd phase (2018-2020) along with the policy recommendations derived from the reports in it’s first Webinar. Aside from the 2 core topics of the 2nd phase, Hydrogen Society and Digitization & Energy Transition, the working groups have prepared input papers in bilateral cooperation between the respective GJETC experts on numerous issues such as Long-term Scenarios and Review Mechanisms, Transportation & Sector-Coupling and Integration Costs of Renewable Energy Sources. In addition, a special spotlight has been put on the topic “energy transition and the corona crisis”.

The Co-Chairs of the GJETC Prof. Peter Hennicke and Prof. Masakazu Toyoda gave their insight on the German and Japanese view on this topic and presented the GJETC Statement on Corona and the Climate Protection, which was unanonimously adopted by all German and Japanese Council Members 2 weeks earlier during the 8th Council Meeting. With 300 registrations and in the end around 200 participants who joined the Webinar it was a great success and a lively discussion.

The summarized results including the policy recommendations are now available in the GJETC Report 2020:

GJETC Report_Cover

The complete presentation of the Webinar can be found here:

Webinar PPT