GJETC honored as role model for bilateral scientific cooperation

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) has been promoting scientific exchange between Japan and Germany since the 1930s. The German Society of JSPS Fellows awarded the JACA Prize to Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, Senior Advisor at the Wuppertal Institute, at the German-Japanese symposium “Art, architecture and technology” in Vienna on May 24. The JSPS Alumni Club Award 2019 (“JACA Prize” for short) was given to Peter Hennicke for “his outstanding contribution to the realisation of scientific exchange between German-speaking countries and Japan”. The award also appreciates Peter Hennicke’s role as German Co-Chair of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) and the GJETC’s three years of cooperation. The laudatio reads: “The JACA of 2019 honours Professor Hennicke representing the founding consortium of the worldwide unique GJETC”.


Photo: JSPS-Chairman Prof. Heinrich Menkhaus (left) presenting the JACA Prize to GJETC Co-Chair Prof. Peter Hennicke. (© Valentin Jäger-Waldau)

In his acceptance speech, Hennicke also addressed the role of the cooperation model: “The award is a great honour and an enormous encouragement for me and for the entire team of the German Japanese Energy Transition Council. The aim of our cooperation with Japan is to demonstrate that the energy transition can succeed better, despite considerably different starting positions in Germany and Japan, if both countries learn from their strengths, but also try to make their weaknesses transparent in order to avoid them.”


Laudatory Speech

Acceptance Speech by GJETC Co-Chair Peter Hennicke