Outreach: Energy Transition in Germany & Japan: Consensus and Controversy

MdB Sylvia Kotting-Uhl  MdB Klaus Mindrup

GJETC Outreach Panel GJETC Outreach Q&A Session


How can a long-term and risk-minimizing energy strategy which protects the climate and natural resources and at the same time creates jobs and drives the economy be realized? This is a challenge where international cooperation is more important than ever. As leading industrialized nations, Germany and Japan have a special responsibility to take the lead for implementing the “Paris Agreement” and to contribute as much as possible to a global deep decarbonization pathway. Since its foundation in May 2016, the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) has been working on strategic and systemic analysis to develop policy advice for new and long-term perspectives on the way to an ambitious energy transition.


At the Outreach event of GJETC in Berlin, the co-chairs and members of the GJETC shared the results and first recommendations of the Council and discussed it with a broader audience. Around 100 participants attended the 2-hour event at the Conference Center in the Federal Press Conference just around the corner of the German Reichstag. After opening remarks by MdB Sylvia Kotting-Uhl (Chairwoman of the Committee for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety of the German Bundestag) and MdB Klaus Mindrup (Member of the German-Japanese Parliamentary Group), the two co-chairs of the GJETC, Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke and Prof. Masakazu Toyoda, presented the results of the study program including first recommendations.



GJETC Outreach: Introduction GJETC & Results ST1
(Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, German Co-Chair GJETC)
GJETC Outreach: Results ST2 & ST3
(Prof. Masakazu Toyoda, Japanese Co-Chair GJETC)
GJETC Outreach: Results ST4
(Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, German Co-Chair GJETC)


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