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General Information

3rd Council Meeting

Report 3rd Council Meeting

Interim Report 2017

Interim Report – 1st Year of GJETC

Zwischenbilanz – 1. Jahr GJETC

中間報告 – 初年 GJETC

Basic Information

GJETC Outline (English)

GJETC Outline (Deutsch)

GJETC 概要 (日本語)

Scientific Publications

Final Study Reports

Final Report ST1: “Energy transition as a central building block of a future industrial policy – Comparison and analysis of long term energy transition scenarios

Final Report ST2: “Strategic framework and socio-cultural aspects of the energy transition”

Final Report ST3: “New allocation of roles and business segments of established and new participants in the energy sector currently and within a future electricity market design”

Final Report ST4: “Energy end-use efficiency potentials and policies and the development of energy service markets”

Topical Papers

Topical paper 1: G20 states – Selected official energy and climate targets
(Published: 21.06.2017)

Public Outreach, 6th September 2017, Tokyo

“Possible long-term energy futures and impulses for the energy transition in Germany”
(Input Prof. Hennicke, German Co-Chair GJETC; Published: 06.09.2017)

“Energy transition: How far can we go?”
(Input Prof. Toyoda, Japanese Co-Chair GJETC; Published: 06.09.2017)

Press Publications

December 2017

Press Release Publication GJETC Study Program

“GJETC publishes results of study program – First phase of bilateral energy transition project on the home stretch”
(GJETC press release, 18th December 2017, English)

“GJETC veröffentlicht Studienergebnisse – Erste Phase des bilateralen Energiewende-Projektes auf der Zielgeraden”
(GJETC press release, 18th December 2017, German)

September 2017

Press Release from 3rd Council Meeting in Tokyo

“First GJETC study results presented in Tokyo”
(GJETC press release, 5th September 2017, English)

“Erste GJETC Studienergebnisse in Tokio präsentiert”
(GJETC press release, 5th September 2017, German)

日本とドイツのエネルギー変革 – 最初の調査結果を東京で発表
(GJETC プレスリリース, 5th September 2017, Japanese)

March 2017

“Wo sich die deutsche und japanische Energiewende treffen”
(Newspaper article about GJETC in Tagesspiegel, 18. March 2017, German)

January 2017

Press Release from 2nd Council Meeting in Berlin

“The role of decentralized actors for the energy transition”
(GJETC press release, 24th January 2017, English)

“Energiewende durch mehr Dezentralisierung”
(GJETC press release, 24th January 2017, German)

(GJETC プレスリリース, 24th January 2017, Japanese)

November 2016

“Fostering the Energy Transition: Balancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies”
(press release, 21st November 2016, English)

“Energiewende beschleunigen: Energieeffizienz und Erneuerbare Energien in Einklang bringen”
(press release, 21st November 2016, German)

October 2016

GJETC in Yomiuri Shimbun
(Newspaper article about GJETC in “Yomiuri Shimbun”, 18th October 2016, Japanese)

GJETC in Chemical Daily
(Newspaper article about GJETC in “Chemical Daily”, 3rd October 2016, Japanese)

September 2016

Press Release from 1st Council Meeting in Tokyo

“Germany and Japan carry out joint research for energy transition”
(GJETC press release, 28th September 2016, English)

“Japan und Deutschland forschen gemeinsam für die Energiewende”
(GJETC press release, 28th September 2016, German)

(GJETC プレスリリース, 28th September 2016, Japanese)

May 2016

“German-Japanese Energy Council aims to promote the energy transition”
(press release, 12th May 2016, English)

“Deutsch-japanischer Energierat soll Energiewende voranbringen”
(press release, 12th May 2016, German)