Scientific Publications

Final Study Reports

Final Report ST1: “Energy transition as a central building block of a future industrial policy – Comparison and analysis of long term energy transition scenarios

Final Report ST2: “Strategic framework and socio-cultural aspects of the energy transition”

Final Report ST3: “New allocation of roles and business segments of established and new participants in the energy sector currently and within a future electricity market design”

Final Report ST4: “Energy end-use efficiency potentials and policies and the development of energy service markets”

Topical Papers

Topical paper 1: G20 states – Selected official energy and climate targets
(Published: 21.06.2017)

Public Outreach, 6th September 2017, Tokyo

“Possible long-term energy futures and impulses for the energy transition in Germany”
(Input Prof. Hennicke, German Co-Chair GJETC; Published: 06.09.2017)

“Energy transition: How far can we go?”
(Input Prof. Toyoda, Japanese Co-Chair GJETC; Published: 06.09.2017)