Stakeholder Dialogues

“How much energy can be conserved and how? The role of energy conservation related businesses and cross-cutting technologies”

On September 5th 2017 the GJETC hosted its third Stakeholder Dialogue at the Institute of Energy Economics Japan, back to back to the third Council Meeting.

In the event the GJETC collected strategic statements of selected key representatives of German and Japanese companies related to energy efficiency, and jointly discussed how the gap between targets and true achievements of energy efficiency can be overcome. In order to realize a meaningful and targeted discussion, the Council kindly invited the participating experts to reply to a questionnaire ahead of the meeting.

Several high-profile companies and associations from Germany and Japan attended the meeting in Tokyo:

Germany Japan
Knauf Internation Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
TÜV Süd Japan Co. Ltd. Taisei Corporation
Evonik Japan Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association
German Chamber of Industry
and Commerce in Japan
Lawson Inc.
Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Yazaki Energy Systems Corporation
Azbil Corporation



Stakeholder Dialogue with German and Japanese representatives of companies engaged in decentralized energy generation and supply

On 24th January 2017, the GJETC held its second Stakeholder Dialogue in the facilities of the Japanese-German Center Berlin.

As often assumed, the Energy Transition, aiming at decarbonization and risk minimization, needs more decentralized (distributed) technologies, actors, and structures within the energy sector than there have been in the past. Being particularly interested in the process of decentralization in both countries, the GJETC invited 14 stakeholders, coming from the decentralized energy sector, to take part in the dialogue event in Berlin. They were asked to reply to a questionnaire ahead of the meeting allowing them to let the council know about important insights.


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Stakeholder Dialogue of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) with Representatives of German and Japanese Industries

The first Stakeholder Dialogue of the GJETC took place in Tokyo on 29th September 2016, after the constituting Council Meeting.

For a successful energy transition ambitious action of business and civil society is crucial, which is why the Council collected strategic insights of high representatives coming from key German and Japanese enterprises regarding the long-term energy transition. The experts were cordially invited to provide short replies to a questionnaire ahead of the meeting in Tokyo, allowing the Council Members to prepare relevant questions and inquiries, according to the Q&A format of the meeting.



Dialogue with the German-Japanese Parliamentary Group of the Bundestag

During its delegation visit in Japan in October 2016, the German-Japanese Parliamentary Group met up with German and Japanese members of the GJETC on October 2nd in the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. In framework of a dinner also Japanese members of Parliament, responsible for energy policy, joined in; Thereby, particularly delegates from the parliamentary group, arguing for a phase-out of nuclear power, were invited.


Photo: Head of German-Japanese Parliamentary Group, Sylvia Kötting-Uhl (Bündnis 90/Grüne)